FACT FRIDAY 05/31/19

Butte County Update

Campfire Re-Build Progress

Camp Fire Survivor Re-Build Permit Progress In Unincorporated Butte County Total permits as of 05/28/2019: Applied 48 / Issued 8

Parcels with debris removal completed: 3,420

Parcels with cleared soil samples: 705

Alternative Debris Removal Program Progress

Alternative Work Plans Received 1,476

Alternative Work Plan in Review 146

Alternative Work Plans Approved 1,330

Final Reports Submitted 486

Final Reports in Review 70

Final Reports Approved 416

1. We were told by the county building department that they were in fact hiring someone else in the survey department. Is this true? We are hearing it is still taking several weeks to get the final stamp on surveys for rebuilding. 

ANSWER: The Record of Survey is the responsibility of the Land Development Division of the Department of Public Works. The department has been working to address staffing for these reviews including hiring an engineering technician two weeks ago. The department conducted a solicitation and will bring recommendations to the Board of Supervisors for contractors to assist with Records of Survey. Turn-around for Record of Surveys is averaging 21 days over the past several weeks. 

2. Can we get more law enforcement for traffic on Neal and lower Clark road. A lot of dangerous driving happening due to the debris trucks. 

ANSWER: CHP provides traffic control for County roads, and they are working in partnership with the County regarding the traffic in this area. The County will provide this recommendation to CHP.

3. (Concow Zone) Any seedlings and seeds, planting and restoration in the works towards fall? Severe erosion and silting at top of watershed up Green Forest.

ANSWER: The County does not have seedlings or seeds available.

4. If a temporary RV can be on a lot for 18 months who will be monitoring this? Is trash pickup required for this temporary permit?

ANSWER: Any temporary housing units that continue to be on property after the County’s Urgency Ordinance expires, which is currently set to expire December 31, 2020, may be subject to code enforcement to gain compliance.

The County’s urgency ordinance and temporary permit do not explicitly require trash disposal. The County’s current code (Chapter 31-50) does require the property owner or tenant to remove trash.

5. What permit does one need if they are going to convert a metal barn prefab building into living quarters?

ANSWER: The property owner need a remodel permit to convert non-habitable space into a dwelling.

6. Regarding county, public roads. Do we just call the public works and complain/report damage?

ANSWER: Reports for County Roads can be made to the Butte County Department of Public Works. It is best to submit these through Butte County Connect either using a smart phone or online. Reports can also be made by calling 530.538.7681.


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