Town Tuesday 07/09/19


1 . What does the Town say about pools?

Answers (2 parts)

Part A: Pools, or any standing water on a property, can be a big problem due to mosquitos.  Residents should take action to prevent their pool or water feature from becoming a mosquito breeding ground.  Butte County Mosquito and Vector Control District (BCMVCD) has great information on what residents can do on their website:  You can also contact BCMVCD to report abandoned pools or water features that require abatement. 

Part B: Pools are required to be fenced for safety reasons – someone could fall in accidentally, or equipment could fall in especially during the debris removal phase.  There really are no other requirements, other than it be kept in such a condition that would hinder mosquitos – that could mean adding mosquito fish or larvicide, etc.

2. Is there any word on when another gas station in town might be coming back?

A: There are two gas stations open right now in Paradise – the 76 Station/Skyway Mart at Skyway and Neal, and Fastrip at Skyway and Clark.  We are working on contacting other gas station owners to find out their plans and if there is anything the Town can do to assist them in reopening. 


3. What is the priority list for projects from the Recovery Plan?

A: Right now the recovery projects in the Recovery Plan are sorted into three tiers for priority, with the top tier being the highest priority.  You can find what tier each project is in by looking at the project pages in the Recovery Plan.  Town Council will also discuss priorities for the next fiscal year at the Council meeting on July 23rd 2019.  

4.  Will the Town put in a fire break all around the edges of Town?

A: Even prior to the fire, the Town worked with the Fire Safe Council and Cal Fire to create as many fire breaks as possible in and around Town.  We will continue to create fire breaks wherever we can utilizing the property that is available to us. 


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